Grading Policy

     Exams (2 – 3) and homework will determine respectively 60% and 10% of your grade.  The remaining 30% of your grade will be determined by the final exam.  Not all homework will be used in the determination of your grade, only designated problems.  Homework turned in late is subject to a slight reduction in credit (up to 20%) with the amount of reduction dependent on the degree of lateness.  Class attendance will not be used to compute your grade unless you are auditing the course.   In this case you must attend at least 40% of the time to receive the grade AU; otherwise you will receive the grade W.
     Partial credit will be given on all exams.  Hence, it is necessary that you show all work in order to receive proper credit.  The solution to a problem includes the process involved in reaching the final answer.  Failure to show this work may result in your not being given full credit.
     If you have a valid reason for missing an exam, you will be given a makeup.  If possible, you should notify the instructor in advance of missing an exam to make arrangements to take a makeup.
     On all exams it is expected that you will do your own work and not copy from others.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in losing a significant amount of credit and could result in being assigned a failing grade for the course.
     The following grading scale will be used.


90 - 100%


80 -  89% 

B (at least)

70 -  79%

C (at least)

55 -  69% 

D (at least)

Below 55%

F (at least)