Grading Policy

     Your grade will be determined from homework (15%), three exams (60%), and a final exam (25%).  If you are auditing the course, you must attend at least 40% of the time to receive the grade AU; otherwise you will receive the grade W.

If you have a valid reason for missing an exam, you will be given a makeup.  If possible, you should notify the instructor in advance of missing an exam to make arrangements to take a makeup.

On all exams it is expected that you will do your own work and not copy from others.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in losing a significant amount of credit and could result in being assigned a failing grade for the course.  On homework it is permissible to work in groups, but do not cheat yourself out of a learning experience by letting another person do all the work. Homework turned in late is subject to a slight reduction in credit (up to 20%) with the amount of reduction dependent on the degree of lateness.  Generally, if your work on a homework assignment is substantially below perfect, you will be given a chance to redo the assignment for slightly less than full credit.

The following grading scale will be used.

88 - 100%


76 -  87%

B (at least) 

64 -  75%

C (at least)

50 -  63% 

D (at least)

Below 50%

F  (at least)



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